About This Blog

Dear reader,

Hello! Thanks for dropping by! We don't know who you are, so kindly drop a tag and make your identity known! ----->

The concept for this blog surfaced somewhere early September of 2010. It's simple. Ian Ho likes photography, while Ian Leong likes to write. Both Ians love God and hope to use whatever God-given talents to make Him known. Hence the blog was born.

These Simple Truths is sorta like a photo blog - we'll try to anchor each post with an image - something to visually tie together the random spews of nonsense we're writing. Since Ian Leong openly admits to be an art-tard, Ian Ho shall provide the pictures.

Unashamedly, this is a religious blog. We're Christians (Ian Ho is Methodist, Ian leong is Brethen)... and we believe that pretty much everything in life can be and is spiritual. Whether it is in army, in the hobbies we love, in eating or sleeping or reading or gaming, we can encounter God's truths everywhere. Since there's no such distinction between a "secular life" and a "holy life", this is more than a religious blog for religion-sake. This is a religious blog about LIFE, as it is to both of us believers.

Why bother, you may ask? Are we just being holy-moley to earn points with God? Of course not. We write about the Christian life because WE CARE. Knowing Christ is the BEST THING that has happened to both our lives! And we hope it'll be the same for you too. No matter who you are, even if you're a bad boy or naughty girl, we want to tell you that 1) God loves you the way you are, 2) God wants you to love Him and 3) the only way that's gonna happen is for you to open your heart to Him!

So as we honestly share with you these simple truths which God has shown us, we earnestly hope that you'll stop by to read our ramblings with an open heart and mind. We don't aim to change the world (that's for superman :D), but we hope that this little blog can make a small difference to your life. Our prayer is that God will use His word, His truths to change you - one little heartbeat at a time, so that you can go out there and make history, with every touch and every smile. :) (Shamelessly borrows lyrics from Steven Curtis Chapman)

It's not about us. We're just vessels for Christ, His messengers at the most. These Simple Truths is about you and someone-up-there who loves you more than your wildest imagination. Won't you let Him in for the time of your life?

With <3,
Ian Ho & Ian Leong

P.S. If you have any doubts about anything at all, feel free to drop a comment and we'll get back soonest!