Meet The Ians

No, the spotlight ain't on us. We're not the stars of this blog. The real Author is God, Jesus Christ, Yahweh.

But we figured you'd probably want to know a thing or two about both Ians. Okay, we oblige.

Our paths crossed when we both attended a Christian course called Trackers at the start of 2010, just before we reluctantly gave our souls away to the SAF for two years of torture and torment. We're both nineteen this year, and currently property of the Singapore army.

Hello :) My name is Ian Ho, some people call me naioh.

Since I can't divulge too much about army training, all I'd say here is that I'm training to be an infantry specialist - yes, a measly third sergeant rank. So what exactly does the infantry do? It doesn't sound particularly exhilarating in any way, pretty much all we do is chiong sua, literally meaning "to charge up mountains" (or rather, knolls) in Hokkien. Okay luh, there's more to infantry than that.

So... in short, this is how my life looks like:

Mondays to Fridays - Soldier.
Weekends - Photography enthusiast. (Shameless self-promotion: visit my Flickr here!)

Photography is my muse, my love. It has been my hobby for about 4 years now, and it has become my form of escape, of putting the stress behind, and just triggering off happily.  It helps me express my innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions - you know that kinda stuff.  But more than for personal gain, I believe God blessed me with this skill so that I could use it to reach out to others - YOU.  This blog is the realisation of a little bit of that dream.

Besides photography, there's one other thing which I love which perhaps you should know.

I LOVEEE Christian music! Especially Christian contemporary music (CCM).  My dad tells me to listen to hymns because of the rich theology (which he finds lacking in worship music), but let's face it - hymns in my iPod?! No way man! xD I like CCM, particularly because it encourages, it inspires, and it offers good, Godly counsel to everyday issues faced by all of us.  Some singers/bands that I absolutely adore include Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North, 33Miles, Britt Nicole, Bethany Dillon, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, Brooke Fraser, Jars of Clay... yes and the list continues.. and of course not to forget the Hillsong, Planetshakers, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche that we all love.

We all love music, but I think as believers, we should have a greater appetite for the music of God.  Not that secular music is bad - not necessarily.  When all that's in your iPod is mainstream stuff, yea then that's bad.

So that's about it for a quick self-intro.  I could bore you with the past nineteen years of my life, and the other random things I indulge in, like eating good food, playing the guitar, cycling... or my fascination with technology, Apple products and geeky stuff.. but like I said, this isn't about me.  I'll stop here, and wait for my fellow retard Ian Leong to write his bit. :)

Hellooooo there! Im the fellow retard!!! That's me up there. Yup. I know I know, you're thinking "hey that aint him, he looked a lot better last time we met" but if I had my real picture up there this blog'd be spammed with fan girls and groupies and we wouldnt want that would we- it'd put Kpoppers outta business.
(On a sidenote, dont you think "Kpoppers" sound like a bunch of crazy hookers hehe. Take that Kibum!)

Well, like my evil twin counterpart and SUTD scholar Ian, I love the arts too- literary, mainly- but that's about where this particular resemblence ends. I've absolutely no talent for drawing, designing or anything artsy that starts with d or any other letter. I tried a self-potrait once but it didn't come close to doing myself justice. That probably isn't my fault of course, I havent found any artist that could do myself justice. (Im kidding, really! Humble and proud of it)

That aside, Im unwilling property of SAF too, infantry spec-to-be and 30 minutes from booking in. Sigh. Gets tiring at times but God's never left me so I'm still alive and kicking. Figuratively, cos im really bad at soccer- can't tell the front end of a ball from its rear- but hey, can you? xP

Alright I imagine you've had enough of hearing about how cool i am and feeling down when you look in the mirror, but that's all part and parcel of life; accept it and move on (: